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We are formmeister a digital craft agency.

We bridge the gap between design, manufacturing and sustainability.

We build furniture and objects for you that you cannot buy anywhere else.

Open Design & Making



We are not meant to sit.
Permanent sitting is one of the major potential threats to our health.

RISE is an feel-good standing desk and our alternative concept to permanent sitting.
RISE was designed by formmeister and makes every conventional desk in your office / home-office a little healthier. 

- make -
We are currently working on making Rise open source available , until then just send us an email.

- buy -
You can buy RISE in our shop, but we currently only ship to Germany.

If you are a company looking for healthier desks for your (home-working) employees, we love to help you produce at larger scale.
Please contact us.

The Growroom


The Growroom is an open-source, spherical garden that enables people to grow food locally and sustainably.

Space10 from Copenhagen designed The Growroom in collaboration with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, and made it open source to encourage more people to build their own Growroom.

- make -
Read the construction manual on Medium.
Get the files on Github.

- buy -
Want to showcase the Growroom on your venue.
We can help you to build and set up. 

In times of mutual care, we made RISE accessible to everyone, 
who has the facilities to produce it.
Download your dxf-file on Github.

#stayhealthy #staypositive #stayathome #rise #formmeister

Location Based Marketing

Some very basic steps and new marketing power will be with you.
Winning and retaining customers made easy with digital tools from formmeister.

Bridging the physical and digital context with engaging services.
Digital Storytelling, Location Based Marketing and GMB Consulting.

More information for associations and companies.

Innovation & Craft

Design Thinking and User Centred Design, Pop-Up Innovation, Agile Development and Collaborative Tools - as entrepreneurs, founders and innovators we have started many ventures from scratch.

Let us guide you how to innovate with your clients in mind.

In workshops and individual formats, we share the relevant knowledge and show suitable methods and tools and accompany them as partners in innovation processes. 
Get in touch to innovate.

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